McDermed, Republicans Propose Local Re-opening Framework, Push Petition to Reconvene General Assembly

On Monday, May 4th House Republicans sent Governor Pritzker a framework for re-opening Illinois in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can read that framework here. On Tuesday, May 5th Governor Pritzker, without General Assembly involvement, introduced his own plan that will dictate how the state operates for months, if not longer.

Legislators and citizens alike are asking for the Illinois General Assembly to meet to fulfill their obligation as a co-equal branch of government and to help steer this state through the COVID-19 crisis. The Illinois Department of Public Health has created guidelines for how the General Assembly can safely convene to resume legislative session.

Please sign the petition to tell the House Speaker, Senate President and Governor that it’s time for the General Assembly to get back to Springfield.

Click here to sign the petition.