McDermed Wants General Assembly Involvement In COVID-19 Response

Earlier this week State Representative Margo McDermed and the women of the House Republican Caucus sent a letter to Governor Pritzker outlining the ways in which the state can begin to safely, reasonably, responsibly, and regionally move Illinois forward through the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislators ask that the Governor call a special session of the legislature if House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President Don Harmon continue to refuse to allow the General Assembly to meet.

In the letter, the women laid out a number of their recommendations for the state to reemerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and are calling for a return to a government of checks and balances. The House Republican women are requesting to meet with the Governor to discuss their solutions and to help him craft a plan that will put Illinois safely on a path to reopening. To date the Governor has not reached out to any member of the House Republican Women’s Caucus during this pandemic. In addition to Rep. McDermed, members of the House Republican Women’s Caucus include Reps. Avery Bourne, Terry Bryant, Amy Grant, Norine Hammond, Deanne Mazzochi, Tony McCombie, and Lindsay Parkhurst. Together they represent 880,000 Illinoisans from all across the state.

You can read a copy of the letter here.