McDermed: On Madigan, Democrat Women Need to Put Up or Shut Up

Frankfort, IL… State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) released the following statement in response to yet another appalling revelation about Speaker Madigan’s inner circle:

“Ghost payrolling is one thing, but to use the coverup of a rape as a positive reason to keep someone employed by the state, is unconscionable. You have to ask yourself what kind of person uses that as a bargaining chip? A man who in fellow Rep. Cassidy’s own words is a ‘guy who for decades has been seen as the most powerful lobbyist in the state and remains incredibly close to the Speaker.’

Mike McClain is not the exception, he’s the rule in the culture that Mike Madigan and his cronyism has fostered. He’s not the only one engaging in such detestable, corrupt behavior, just the only one foolish enough to put it  in writing.

Last month I stood with fellow Republicans calling for Madigan’s resignation in the light of the continuing stream of sexual harassment and corruption allegations surrounding the Speaker. Not a peep was heard in response from the Democrat women who stood behind him when we passed lackluster sexual harassment legislation and he promised a change in the culture.

I am once again calling for Speaker Madigan’s resignation, but I know that won’t do anything. Mike Madigan has played the game for decades. He is smart enough to remove himself from any direct implications in any of this and will continue to side step responsibility and maintain his iron grip on our state. The only way he will step down is if those who reap the benefits of his money and his organizational power finally say enough is enough.

So today I am instead calling on the female members of Madigan’s leadership- Reps.Willis, Hernandez, Burke, Manley, and Gordan-Booth- to step up and do the right thing. Where is the line for you? How much more do we have to uncover before we hold this man accountable?”