New Laws Effective January 1st

On January 1st, 256 laws are set to become effective in the State of Illinois. New laws typically take effect either at the beginning of the next fiscal year, July 1, or the next new year, January 1, unless the new law is expected to require more time for regulators to be prepared.

2019 was an unprecedented year in the Illinois General Assembly, resulting in newsworthy legislation like the legalization of marijuana beginning New Year’s Day.

Other notable, but less known, legislation about to take effect includes removing the statute of limitations for prosecuting criminal sexual assault cases, doubling fines for illegally passing a school bus, making mammogram screening more accessible, and the enhancement of criminal penalties for violence committed in a place of worship, a response to recent synagogue shootings. In addition, Rep. McDermed supported legislation like providing civics education for prisoners set to reenter society.

Click here to access the full list of 256 new laws.