Rep. McDermed Responds to Today’s Ethics Reform Votes

Springfield, IL… State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) issued the following statement in response to the two milquetoast bills presented by House Democrats under the guise of comprehensive ethics reform:

“If the goal today was to send a message to the people of Illinois that we are taking our ethics crisis seriously, then we should hang our heads in shame. I had no choice but to support the bills that passed today, because they are the only bills Democrat leadership did not block. I’ve been the co-sponsor of good government and ethics bills my entire time in office and yet not a single one has ever been given fair consideration. Springfield is broken and it will remain broken if power continues to be consolidated as it is in the hands of one party and one man.”

Click here to view the ethics bills filed by House Republicans over the course of the year that were never given a hearing or vote.