Rep. McDermed Issues Statement on House Committee Graduated Income Tax Vote

Springfield, IL… State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) released the following statement after the Illinois House Revenue and Finance Committee voted along party lines to advance legislation to remove Illinois’ constitutional flat tax provision:

“I’ve only been in office for five years, but during my short time the Illinois General Assembly has shown little restraint when it comes to taxing and spending. Less than two years ago we raised the income tax and now they want to do it again. Calling a graduated income tax a fair tax is disingenuous. A state that makes no effort to live within its means will continue to try to tax its way to prosperity, an effort that will always end up hurting the middle class. My constituents are sick and tired of the tax and spend culture that permeates Springfield. Why should they have to pinch pennies and tighten their budgets because we here in Springfield can’t do it ourselves? Today’s vote was based on empty promises to tax the rich. The reality is that this amendment will remove one of the last remaining protections for all Illinois taxpayers and small businesses.”