The McDermed Dispatch for May 6th

The Illinois General Assembly is running at full steam from now until scheduled adjournment on May 31st. In the next few weeks we need to pass a budget and we are expected to take up the remaining pet projects of the governor; income taxes, sports betting, cannabis legalization, plastic bag tax, and a capital bill. Buckle up, I expect a lot to happen in the coming weeks.

Shred Event This Saturday!

Townhall Recap/Graduated Income Tax Rates

The graduated income tax proposed by Governor JB Pritzker would enable future governors of Illinois and Illinois General Assemblies to enact any tax rate they want upon any specific slice of Illinois taxpayers. The authors of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 included specific ironclad language in that document that requires all income taxes imposed upon individuals to be at a single, flat, fixed rate. It is this provision of the Constitution that the proposal would repeal.

Last week the Senate introduced and passed a graduated tax package (amendment, plus other bills dealing with specifics), which included rates different (higher) than those proposed by the Governor:

The fact of the matter is that raising taxes is easier under a graduated tax system and we certainly don’t need to make it any easier for the tax and spend culture of Springfield. The raising of taxes should be a measure of last resort, not a measure of first resort.

Thank you to everyone who came out to my graduated income tax townhall, I hope you got a lot out of it. The press conference I participated in last week does a great job of summarizing the points made at the event. You can watch my remarks here. You can watch the full press conference here.

Now that it has passed the Senate, the bills must receive a 3/5th majority vote in the House. House Republicans are united in opposition, but House Democrats have a supermajority. If you don’t want to see a graduated income tax imposed in Illinois, I encourage you to reach out to local House Democrats and voice your opposition.

ISP Crime Lab Tour

I recently toured the Illinois State Police Chicago Crime lab and learned firsthand what the ISP is doing to address the DNA backlog and how my legislation will make an important impact on victim’s rights.House Bill 1440 mandates the creation of a statewide rape kit tracking system, to be administered by ISP, and requires that it complies with the recommendations of the Sexual Assault Evidence Tracking and Reporting Commission. HB 1440, currently in the Senate, has significant bipartisan support and support from nationwide groups like the Joyful Heart Foundation. The funds for the system are to be derived from ISP appropriations and the tour included Governor Pritzker who promised to increase funding for ISP.

The tour covered an overview of how ISP’s new Laboratory Information Management System is already making a huge difference in how ISP efficiently handles evidence and information. The system will be modified and improved based on HB 1440 to allow for victims to access the status of the evidence in their case. 

Mark Your Calendars Now!

On Wednesday, July 17th at 5pm I am hosting the Secretary of State’s office for a senior driving class in the New Lenox Township Senior Center community room and on Thursday, July 18th at 6pm I will be hosting another women’s self defense class at the New Lenox Village hall.