Statement From Rep. McDermed on Governor Pritzker’s Inaugural Budget Address

Springfield, IL… State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) has released the following statement regarding today’s budget address: 

“What Governor Pritzker seems to have forgotten is that the same budget gimmicks and misleading revenue proposals he has outlined led to the budget impasse under the previous governor who finally said no to an unbalanced budget. While Governor Rauner also presented imperfect budgets, he at least acknowledged the need to reduce the largest areas of state spending. This Governor only addresses collecting more money. Governor Pritzker’s fantasy budget plan relies primarily on a so-called “fair tax system” that is not only a misnomer but at its earliest could not be implemented for years. This transition, which will without a doubt impact Illinois’ middle class, is in addition to a number of new taxes he wants to implement. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, his budget relies on a lot of speculative new revenue applied to an already overtaxed populace and plans to address our pensions with tried and true failures of the past like new pension holidays and pension ramp extensions.

The people of Illinois are crying out for tax relief, not new taxes, and they are demanding their elected officials address the state’s fiscal crisis, not kick the can down the road on pensions and other significant fiscal liabilities. If Illinois is going to push forward, we need to do it with austerity and innovative ideas, both of which were unfortunately lacking in today’s address.”