Statement from Rep. McDermed on Minimum Wage Vote

State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) has issued the following statement on the Illinois House’s vote to increase the minimum wage to $15:

“Yet again, Illinois is choosing policy choosing policy that sounds agreeable on its face but ignores the unintended calamitous consequences that will naturally result. In less than 7 days spent in Springfield, the Illinois Senate and House have rammed through legislation that will implement an 82% increase in the minimum wage in less than six years. On January 1st, 2025, Illinois will have the highest minimum wage in the country. Illinois already lags behind the Midwest and the rest of the country in job and population growth and this kind of sudden shock to our already fraught economy and job market will only further spur the downward spiral. The doubtless negative economic effects do not even touch on the ripple effect this will have on state and local budgets, including our already sky-high property taxes. Illinois’ current fiscal year budget is billions of dollars out of balance and with this vote we have added new budgetary pressures year after year with no way to pay for them. 

In the very little time we had to consider this bill I heard from numerous constituents about the adverse effects it will have on virtually everyone; employers, employees, and consumers. I voted no because while well-intentioned, this legislation ignores the realities of small business owners, Illinois’ fiscal situation, and countless other factors.”