Rep. McDermed Votes No On Lackluster Budget

Springfield, IL… Following the passage of a budget by the Illinois House of Representatives, State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) released the following statement:

“In my fours years in office, the budget process has been marred by partisan politicking and irresponsible budgeting practices. While the budget passed this year was more bipartisan, it was no less irresponsible and I voted no. This year’s budget is only “balanced” because it uses revenues from the considerable tax hike imposed on Illinois families last year and one time revenues available only this year. It does not include any significant reforms to worker’s compensation, property taxes, or the bloated pension systems. The budget merely continues the status quo and Illinois cannot afford to continue limping by from one budget to the next. People are fleeing this state in droves and the residents that remain are crying out for solutions to corruption, astronomical pension debt, sky high property taxes, and more. Sadly, this budget does nothing to steer Illinois in a better direction.”