Rep. McDermed Says No To “Unfair Tax”

Springfield, IL… State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) today voted against the idea of giving legislators more control over income taxes. The Illinois House voted on House Resolution 1025, which supports a constitutional amendment to change Illinois from a flat tax state to a graduated income tax state.

“The idea that we in Springfield should be trusted with regulating and creating all kinds of income tax rates is laughable,” Rep. McDermed said. “After raising taxes last year, it is absurd that we would create a new level of uncertainty for families and businesses by making tax brackets subject to change at the whim of the legislature and Governor from year to year.”

The resolution does not carry any legislative weight. Any changes to Illinois Constitution proposed by the General Assembly must be approved by a vote of three-fifths of the members in each chamber and it must be submitted over 6 months prior to the next election. The deadline to get a proposal on the upcoming November election has passed.

“This is a disingenuous resolution at best specifically targeting the base of certain members,” Rep. McDermed continued. “If the majority party truly felt we needed a graduated income tax they would have proposed an amendment before the time passed this year or when they had super majorities and single party control of the legislative and executive branch for a decade.”  

Months ago, House Republicans filed House Resolutions 891 and 975, to oppose any graduated income tax proposal. Despite having 27 and 50 co-sponsors respectively, the resolutions currently languish in the Rules Committee. The chairwoman of the Rules Committee is Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), the chief sponsor of House Resolution 1025.  

House Resolution 1025 passed, despite bipartisan opposition, 61-52.