The McDermed Dispatch for October 10th

“Pop Tax”
This Wednesday the Cook County Board is meeting to consider action on an ordinance to repeal the controversial Sweetened Beverage Tax. In the short time since its botched implementation, the tax has been met with an overwhelmingly negative reception and there has been much public backlash.

I have spoken with many constituents about the negative effect this burdensome tax is having on their families and small businesses. I am a co-sponsor on 3 pieces of legislation to address the issue. House Bill 4082 filed by Rep McAuliffe(R) and HB 4083 filed by Rep. Mussman(D) would immediately repeal the tax and prevent any home rule community from imposing a tax on sweetened beverages based on volume sold. House Bill 4084 filed by Rep. Breen (R) goes a step further and prevents the implementation of a tax based on weight or volume of any purchase in a home rule municipality.

You can go to my website and sign the petition opposing this so called pop tax.
Separating Politics from the General Assembly
According to the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, among the 100 current Republican and Democratic State Party chairs in the nation, only nine also currently serve as state legislators. Of the nine, only two also serve in their party’s legislative leadership. In Illinois, House Speaker Michael Madigan has served as the Illinois Democratic Party’s Chair since 1998. As Speaker of the House, Madigan also controls the legislative process. He is the only statehouse chamber leader, House Speaker or Senate President, in the United States to also be the head of his state’s political party.

I recently filed legislation to forbid a member of the General Assembly from concurrently serving as the chairperson for a statewide political party. For those two roles to go hand in hand, it naturally invites conflicts of interest and even corruption. It is an unnecessary and improper consolidation of power. This is not just about Speaker Madigan; state party chairmen are focused on the next election and wherever possible we need to separate political party interests and state interests.
Property Tax Townhall
Please join Frankfort Township Assessor Joe Kral and I on October 18th for a property tax townhall. We’ll share an overview of the assessment and appeals process as well as have a discussion on property tax issues and legislation in Springfield.