The McDermed Dispatch for October 2nd

Senior Fair
This Thursday I am hosting my 3rd annual senior fair. This fair will feature numerous state and local vendors and will have helpful information for seniors and their caregivers. In addition, representatives from AT&T will put on a presentation about new legislation impacting land lines, new technology, and answer any and all questions.
The fair is from 10am-noon on October 5th at the Frankfort Square Park District at 7540 W. Braemar Lane in Frankfort. The fair will have refreshments and is free and open to the public.
Property Tax Townhall
On Wednesday October 18th at 6pm I am hosting a property tax townhall with an overview of the property tax system and the appeals process. A better understanding of the tax assessment process and the rights of homeowners can help you and your family save your hard earned money. The main focus and presentation of the townhall will be on property taxes, but I will be available to answer any and all questions regarding state government. The event is co-hosted with Frankfort Township Assessor Joseph Kral and will be held at Mokena Public Library. It is open to all residents of the 37th district and will have information on both Will and Cook Counties.
Business Advisory Council
As part of my efforts to better serve the district, I occasionally bring together leaders from the business community for a Business Advisory Council. The mission of the council is to guide, advise, and support me in my legislative efforts to help the people and businesses of the 37th district. I am seeking active members of the business community to join my council. If you would like to join or want more information, please contact my office at (815) 277-2079.
House Bill 40
As you have no doubt heard by now, last Thursday Governor Rauner signed House Bill 40. This highly controversial legislation provides for taxpayer-funded abortion for Medicaid recipients and state employees. 
I voted against House Bill 40 and urged the Governor on multiple occasions not to sign the bill. I am incredibly disappointed in his decision to ignore the facts of this bill. This is not about women’s health, current law already covered abortions in the case of rape, incest, or health of the mother. Instead this new measure will dramatically increase taxpayer funding of elective abortions. His decision to sign the bill goes against his promise to legislators and his commitment to fiscal responsibility. Even with the recent tax increase, Illinois’ budget is still operating at a deficit. I cannot support the state incurring such costs, especially such costs that are morally repugnant to many. When I ran for office, I ran on a promise to protect taxpayer money, your money.
State Labor Union Issue Heads to Supreme Court
Illinois plaintiff Mark Janus will get the chance to argue his case in front of the Supreme Court. The case of “Janus v. AFSCME” reflects the belief of many Illinois public-sector workers, that their free-speech and free-association rights are violated by being forced to pay union dues as a condition of their employment.  Janus has told the press he does not want to be associated with labor unions and wants the same rights as are enjoyed by workers in right-to-work states throughout the United States. A decision could come before the end of the 2017-18 session of the high court. Any decision is likely to be limited to public-sector workers only. 
The Seattle-based retailing giant Amazon has announced that it is running out of headquarters space in its current city and would like to open a second headquarters in a centralized U.S. location. The second headquarters could contain as many as 50,000 workers, who would occupy a potential 8 million square feet of office space to be constructed for as much as $5 billion. Amazon has cited good transportation, strong schools, and a tech-oriented workforce as elements in their decision.
Chicago, with the nation’s largest workforce skilled in logistics technology, would be highly suited to serve as Amazon’s choice. Competition for the selection is expected to be heavy. A bipartisan panel of more than 600 Illinois business leaders is working to sell Illinois to the online retailing giant. 
Chicago is not the only city getting in on the action. Orland Park has also submitted a Request For Proposal and I have written a letter of support for their efforts to bring the online giant to our district.