Rep. McDermed Votes Against Democrat Tax Increase, Budget

Springfield, IL – State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) issued the following statement in response to the Illinois House of Representatives passage of House Democrat revenue and spending bills:

“Today House Democrats had the gall to say that Illinois can’t afford to wait anymore and we need to act now. If they were sincere they would have filed and voted on their budget and revenues months ago, not this afternoon. We need to fix this state’s finances and end this budget impasse. While that may require revenue, we cannot in good conscience reach even further in to the pockets of Illinois taxpayers and offer them nothing in return. No guarantees that their money will be spent wisely, no guarantees that legislators are serious about tackling Illinois’ longstanding structural problems, and no guarantees that negotiations on important issues like property taxes and pension reform will continue with sincerity and urgency. My constituents deserve better. Illinois deserves better.”