Former Rep. Mautino Misses Critical Deadline

Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino has failed to file amended campaign reports by a deadline set by the Illinois State Board of Elections. The deadline was on Monday night. After it was revealed late last year that there were several suspicious payments in former State Rep. Mautino’s campaign expense filings, ISBE opened an investigation and several lawmakers, including State Representative McDermed sent repeated requests to his office for more information. So far Mautino’s office has not been forthcoming in responding to requests from any parties. Mautino’s office has cited a separate ongoing federal investigation as a reason for it’s refusal to provide more information to either ISBE or state legislators.

Mautino was given the Monday deadline to turn in amended campaign expenditure filings. At the heart of the issue is hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to a single car service station and bank over the course of his tenure in the Statehouse. The next step will be for ISBE to schedule a date for a public hearing which may subpoena the auditor or his previous campaign staff.

Recently, Rep. McDermed joined with other legislators and filed HJR 158 to remove Auditor General Mautino from office. Mautino was a State Representative for 24 years before he was appointed auditor general last fall. Rep. McDermed was one of ten General Assembly members that did not vote to approve Mautino’s appointment to the position.