Rep McDermed Named to Public Private Partnership Committee

Springfield, IL…. State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) has been appointed to serve on a bipartisan special House committee on public private partnerships. The committee was recently created by House Speaker Madigan to review Gov. Bruce Rauner’s plan to establish a private company that will work with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Governor Rauner earlier this year signed an executive order creating the relationship shortly after the Illinois Business and Economic Development Corporation was created.

In his announcement, the Governor pointed out that the DCEO is often hampered by red tape and a slow bureaucracy that makes business development and job recruitment more difficult. This new partnership will combine the efficiency of private enterprise with the accountability of a government agency.

 “While I have the utmost faith in the integrity of the partnership Governor Rauner has created and designed, it is a part of our job in the State Legislature to ensure the maintenance of strict accountability when it comes to taxpayer money,” Rep McDermed said. “I welcome the opportunity to work in a bipartisan manner to do just that.”

Modeling itself off of the successes of other states and improving on where they’ve failed, Governor Rauner announced increased transparency measures. The corporation will be subject to periodical audits as well as needing approval from the DCEO for any and all deals made to encourage job growth and opportunity.