IDES Posts New Jobs Numbers

The statewide jobless rate has risen to 5.7%.  The increase in November 2015 was a hike of 0.3% from the 5.4% rate measured for the month of October.  Illinois’ production of new jobs ground almost to a halt in the most recently-reported month, with only 400 net new nonfarm jobs created in November.  The new numbers were published by the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) on Thursday, December 17. 

IDES found that the weakest section of Illinois’ job environment once again continued to be manufacturing.  The factory sector paid 12,800 fewer Illinois workers in November 2015 than had received paychecks in November 2014.  By contrast, increases were reported over the same period in many sectors of secondary and tertiary services; these segments are classified by IDES as professional services, business services, educational services, and health-care services.  

Illinois’ jobless rate continues to be higher than the national unemployment rate, as well as the jobless rates reported by many of our neighboring states. The national unemployment rate was 5.0% in November 2015.