Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

We’re in our third month now without a budget and many are speculating that there’s a lack of compromise in sight. Despite this the majority of state government is still operating, with the Comptroller’s office estimating overspending by $300 million a month due to the continuation of appropriations through consent decrees, agreements and court orders.

Each week since adjournment I have traveled to Springfield ready to arrive at a solution, but given the top-heavy nature of our legislative system, that solution has yet to come.  In the House, legislation is prohibited from coming to the floor unless approved by the Democratic Speaker who holds a supermajority in the chamber.  A similar problem faces my colleagues in the Senate.

And while rank and file members such as myself have tried to impress upon our chamber’s leaders the urgency of the situation and the necessity that they negotiate with the Governor on his reform agenda, these calls have fallen on deaf ears. There continues to be an insistence by the Democrat majority in Illinois that unchecked spending should continue with absolutely no changes to the way Illinois operates.

There is no problem, they say, we just need more revenue. I believe the vast majority of Illinoisans recognize that this isn’t the case.  Illinois needs reform before new revenues should even be considered, and that is the sticking point.

If you agree that Illinois needs reform before taxes are increased, then get engaged. I have a petition on my website,www.repmcdermed.com, that you can sign. Write a letter to the editor. Tell your friends on social media that Illinois needs reform.

Our colleges, service providers and state vendors are stuck in a cycle of fiscal uncertainty. That’s not fair, but neither is asking taxpayers to pay more without fundamental changes to the way Illinois does business. This impasse needs to be solved quickly, but it must be done with an eye towards the future.

Margo McDermed
State Representative 37th District