Rep McDermed Speaks to New Lenox Chamber

New Lenox, IL… State Representative Margo McDermed spoke on Thursday with the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce. She gave a ‘State of the State’ update as a part of their luncheon series. She spoke about what’s going on in Springfield and took questions from the crowd. 

Rep McDermed talked about the challenges of being a freshman representative and adjusting to political life. She said she discovered that there is a big difference between running on the issues and actually being in office. She said it has been a learning curve discovering all of the other parts the job entails, such as administrative duties. 

Rep McDermed was asked about the contentious environment down in Springfield. She explained that there are productive things being done in a bipartisan manner, leading to such omnibus reform minded bills addressing the heroin crisis and police reform. Things only get contentious when the debate turns to certain topics and the budget. However a number of good bipartisan bills that were passed this year are proof there’s room to compromise and work together to solve the tougher issues.