Representative McDermed’s First Year Goes Under Budget

Frankfort, IL… Putting her money where her mouth is, Representative McDermed’s pledge to help bring the state’s finances in order received a small boost when she returned the remains of her district budget to the state. This is on top of the Representative’s refusal to accept state health and pension benefits when she was sworn in back in January of this year.

“When the full budget deals in grand numbers like billions of dollars and it’s not your money, office expenditures can seem like nothing and money can fall through the cracks” Rep McDermed said. “That adds up. If we took greater care with the money the state’s taxpayers entrust to us, maybe we could see a way out of this hole. I fully recognize that this is just a pittance in a very large budget hole, but I’m committed to helping Illinois bring its spending in order and that starts at home.”