Rep McDermed Hosts First Business Council Meeting

Frankfort, IL… In order to get a better sense of how she can serve her district and respond to the needs of the community through her work in Springfield, State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) has formed a business advisory council. Members from across the small business community in the 37th district have been invited to take part.

“My goal is to identify what is holding Illinois back” Rep McDermed said. “I want to find out what we in Springfield can do to spur innovation and small businesses growth both in my community and across Illinois as a whole.”

The Illinois Policy Institute found that Illinois had the second largest net loss in population migration in 2014, losing almost 95,000 citizens to other states. Forbes ranks Illinois down near the bottom at 40th on the list of 50 states that are the best to do business in. Despite being a state with the some of the biggest companies in the country, job growth, according to Moody’s Analytics, is projected to be the worst in the country over the next five years.

“High barriers to market entry for smaller businesses, worker’s compensation, and bureaucratic red tape are commonly cited as impediments to job growth and those are some of the issues I want to get more insight on so I can properly tackle them in the General Assembly” Representative McDermed continued.

The council met for the first time yesterday. Representative McDermed plans to follow up by forming an education council and a youth council later in the year.