Constituent Services

My office is here to help. Through my constituent service office in Frankfort members of my staff can assist in addressing state related questions or concerns. Examples of state related programs and common constituent
       – Medicaid {qualifications, application status, denial information, etc.)
       -AllKids and Familycare Health Programs
       -SNAP Benefits {Food Stamps}, cash assistance
       -Child support (delayed/missing payments, etc.)
       -IDOT/Transportation concerns (widening of state routes, etc.)
       -Department on Aging Programs
       -Unemployment insurance
Examples of federal related matters include inquiries relating to Social Security and Medicare, Questions regarding these programs, as well as additional federal services, can be directed to your U.S. Senator or U.5. Representative.

Municipalities provide many services to residents, typically handling issues such as trash and snow removal, police and fire protection and ordinance violations. If you are experiencing a problem with a particular local issue, it is best to contact your local Village Hall to express your concerns.

Inquiries relating to pending court cases, including general lawsuits, bankruptcies, child custody or traffic related offenses, are legal matters that are handled through the court system. Unfortunately, our office is not able to assist in these matters in any way. To find legal assistance in your area, please visit: