Illinois Paves the Way for Police Reform

Springfield, IL… Proving that Springfield is capable of producing bipartisan solutions to the important issues of the day, today the House passed Senate Bill 1304. Responding to recent police controversies in Ferguson, Baltimore, and South Carolina, Representative Sims (D-Chicago) and Representative Anthony (R-Morris) led the charge on police reforms and body camera guidelines.  

“This is the type of legislation I came down to Springfield to see passed and I’m proud to put my name to this bill” Rep McDermed said. “It’s a wonderful change of pace to see significant and important reforms, given the appropriate comprehensive and inclusive consideration . It is amazing to see what we can do here when we work together. I want to commend Representatives Sims, Anthony, and Cabello for all of their hard work on this bill.”

200 police reform bills were filed in the House this year. Bipartisan efforts combined the best 15 bills into this one inclusive measure. Senate Bill 1304 passed by a 107-3 vote. It includes provisions for body camera guidelines, independent investigators, special prosecutors and new training. Illinois would be the first state in the nation to pass a comprehensive package of recommendations put forth by President Barack Obama’s police task force.