Rep McDermed Responds to Today’s Budget Votes

Springfield, IL…. The House debated nine amendments to the budget today. Collectively, through bills in both the Senate and the House, the Democrats have, just days before session is scheduled to end, proposed a budget that spends almost $4 billion more than the state is projected to take in.

The majority party in the House has said that they are willing to work in a bipartisan manner on new revenue. However, they have presented a partisan budget with no input from the Republican members and no plan to pay for it. They claim that we need to kick the can down the road and spend this money now for the people that depend on the state.

“What about the people that need us five or ten years from now?” Representative McDermed said. “Or even the people at the end of the year when the money runs out and we’ve promised these important programs money we don’t have? We saw this a few months ago. Fiscal Year 2015 was unbalanced by over a billion dollars and fiscal gymnastics were necessary to make sure the state could continue providing important services like childcare. Illinois hasn’t passed a balanced budget since 2001. Since then our credit has tumbled, our debt has skyrocketed, our taxes have gone up, and valuable taxpayers have left this state. To say this way of doing things is both careless and unsustainable would be a massive understatement. The voters collectively made a statement in last year’s election that the ‘Illinois way’ of budgeting and irresponsible spending is the wrong way. Unfortunately, the majority party doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge that message.”