McDermed takes aim at College of Dupage severance payout

As reported by the Daily Herald, freshman Representative Margo McDermed  is taking up legislation originally proposed by her predecessor, Renée Kosel, that takes aim at a situation involving the College of Dupage that is currently enraging local taxpayers.

From the Daily Herald on January 29th, 2015:

State Rep. Margo McDermed, a Mokena Republican, introduced legislation prior to COD’s final decision calling for more transparency in publicly funded severance agreements. The plan is aimed at the 2013 deal in which Metra agreed to a $442,000 severance package with former CEO Alex Clifford.

Her legislation would ensure severance agreements funded partly or fully with taxpayer money be made public.

McDermed says it’s time to build this transparency into Illinois law. “If taxpayers knew what was going on with money, they might vote differently in elections for things like college boards,” McDermed said.

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